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8 Hot Entrees  

Full Salad Bar

7 Days a Week

Join us for healthy, blessed meals!

Since 2001, Govinda's Buffet has been the 'GO TO' eatery 

for taste, variety, economy, ambience, and health in Utah Valley.


Open Monday - Saturday from 11 am til 6 pm.

Sunday from 11 am til 3 pm.

$10.00 Adults

$ 5.00 Kids

You Are What You Eat

Cooking Classes @ the Temple

We love to teach the art of Bhakti (Devotional) Cooking. Schedule a class any Wednesday thru Sunday from 10 am til Noon for learning new recipes and meditative techniques of preparing food. Caru (801) 787-1510 or Vai (801) 919-9933

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